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Medical Premises

Bute Surveyors specialise in the provision of property advice concerning healthcare premises. We offer services that include:- Current Market Rent Assessments, Capital Valuations for Change of Partnership, Sale and Leaseback of Healthcare Premises, Project Management of new Premises, Rent Reviews of Pharmacies attached to Healthcare Premises.

Our Client Base includes over 250 medical partnerships throughout Wales and Western England, and third party developers/landlords. Our extensive database of valuation comparables and knowledge of the market provides us with unrivalled information when advising clients. References can be made available to potential clients to be assured of our expertise and service.

Bute Surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The provision of valuation advice of healthcare premises is considered a specialised service by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We regularly provide advice to clients of both current market rent assessments and capital valuations for partnership/accounting purposes.

The emergence of third party property owners is a relatively new development within this sector. Bute Surveyors have advised both vendor partnerships and ‘would be’ purchasers, and therefore are familiar with the issues faced by the parties in these ventures. Both parties need good advice to ensure that each achieves their objective.

There is considerable pressure from Central Government for up to date premises to be available across the whole of the UK. Unfortunately there are a plethora of regulations and bodies that impact upon the delivery of these new premises. Bute Surveyors have been engaged in the successful project coordination of these new facilities, overcoming many multidisciplinary challenges whilst working with the NHS and other statutory bodies.

Very often pharmacies are located adjoining surgeries. It is common for these pharmacies to remain in the ownership of the medical partnerships. Accordingly there is a requirement for rent reviews to be undertaken regularly. Bute Surveyors have negotiated reviews of such premises on behalf of our clients where the major national operators (Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd. Bestway National Chemists Ltd. and other independent contractors) have been tenants.

Due to their specialisation in this sector Bute Surveyors have the necessary experience to deal with these specialised premises, being active in the market place and thereby having up to date knowledge of this evolving market.

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