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Current Market Rent Assessments (CMR)

The basis of valuation is set out within The Directions issued by the Department of Health/Welsh Government. Surveyors undertaking these valuations need to be very familiar with these Directions as they form the foundation upon which the valuations are based.

Often the current market rent assessment is known as notional rent. The District Valuer Service or NHS SSP SES Surveyors provide the NHS with the valuation advice they require to fulfil the requirements of the Directions. Bute Surveyors regularly negotiate these reviews with representatives of the DV Service/NHS SSP SES. It is our firm opinion that Partnerships should be on the same footing as the NHS when negotiating these rent reviews and engage their own professional advice.

Bute Surveyors have an extensive database of comparable surgeries throughout Wales and Western England. This provides invaluable data when negotiating a review, as it is very probable that similar premises exist as the subject for which Bute Surveyors have already agreed the rent. It would not be unusual for this comparable property to be outside the operational geographical area of the representative of DVS/NHS SSP SES; and accordingly they would be unfamiliar with its details. Consequently Bute Surveyors add value to the negotiations by bringing forward this information to aid their client’s case.

Bute Surveyors operate on a success fee basis for the negotiation phase of instruction. If we are unsuccessful in achieving any increase for the Partnership through our negotiations with the DVS/NHS SSP SES we don’t charge a fee. This is a no risk service we offer. If however there is a requirement for an appeal to be lodged due to the intransigence of the DV/NHS SSP SES then we will need to charge for these additional services.

We will visit the client’s premises, measure the accommodation and thereafter prepare a valuation. If we consider that it is in the clients’ interest, we will recommend that the notional rent proposed is challenged. There is no requirement to pay any fee up front.

Bute Surveyors have taken ‘current market rent’ assessments to appeal, and achieved a substantial improvement over the DV’s figure. However, every effort is made to negotiate an acceptable figure, before embarking on this time consuming process.