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Care Quality Commission Standards

As Practices will know in England the Care Quality Commission will be starting a programme of inspection following the completion of registration after April 2013. These inspections will consider various issues relating to the safety and quality of surgery premises along with other practise management issues.

Due to our extensive knowledge of primary care premises, we are able to offer an inspection of surgery accommodation to identify issues that may cause difficulties in the formal CQC review. Our inspection will consider:-

  • The design and layout of the premises, and their suitability for provision of medical services.
  • Their ease of use for people with disabilities.
  • The statutory compliance for effective management of the premises.
  • The physical condition and identify any immediate repairs.

Our Report will be tailored to your needs for registration and ongoing management of the premises. It will aid you in the development of a planned maintenance and improvement plan. However, we are not building surveyors or architects and do not search for additional work for our firm.
Bute Surveyors approach is to provide the client with a useful tool to assist with compliance and business development.