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Capital Valuations

Bute Surveyors are continually providing GP’s with capital valuations. These are most regularly required for changes of partnership, due to the entry or exit of partners.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has recognised that healthcare premises are specialised premises within the property world. The RICS Valuation - Professional Standards January 2014 is supplemented by the provision of Valuation Guidance Note (GN60/2010) which provides relevant information concerning the valuation of medical premises.

The partnership deed should provide a framework for the preparation of capital valuations. However, we often find that these details are very limited, which can lead to disputes arising within partnerships. Accordingly we provide advice to partnerships in how best to tackle the assessment of value of their premises.

Although office values within the local area may give some indication of the value of a surgery, doctors should be aware that surgery premises fall within a different use class within Town and Country Planning legislation and therefore different factors influence their value. Also the emergence of investors acquiring medical premises is a very real factor in the valuation exercise. This knowledge would not be available to the “local surveyor” and a specialist valuer is required for healthcare premises.

Our fees for the preparation of capital valuations are competitive; we appreciate that clients require a personal professional service which identifies the relevant features of their premises, but also take account of the local market.